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WILL DRAW: Original Characters, Fanart, Furries, Mech/Armor, Gore, NSFW

WON'T DRAW: Pet Portraits, Hate Speech, Young Children (Toddlers and Babies)


  • Commissions will take approximately 2-8 weeks to deliver after payment is received.
  • Clients will be informed of any possible delays in delivery as soon as possible, some projects may take longer than the approximate 8 weeks.
  • Commissions with tight or rushed deadlines (less than 2 weeks away) will be subject to a $50 USD fee.
  • Feel free to send me a message to check the status of your commission within reason; do not ask me multiple times a day or several days in a row what the status is for your commission.


  • Please provide as many details as possible; mood, character dynamics, pose, clothes, accessories, etc
  • I will accept commissions with no visible references for a $25 USD fee.
  • I will provide a sketch for approval and provide requested revisions.
  • Every major revision after the sketch is approved will have a $15 USD fee. (With exceptions on colors or my personal errors.)
  • I am allowed to post any commissions, complete and works in progress, on social media. If client wishes to have their commission kept private, they must include it in their inquiry.
  • Personal use commissions are subject to no fee when requested to be private, but commericial use commissions have an additional $50 USD fee.


  • Payment must be made in full before commissions starts, or you will be added to a waiting list.
  • Bulk orders, complex illustrations, or any pieces over $350 USD can be split into multiple payments, client and I must discuss this in detail before approval.
  • I accept multiple forms of payment. Clients please include your preferred payment methods in your inquiry.
  • I do not accept refunds unless commission is not completed.


  • If a client wishes to use a commission for commercial use (such as but not limited to merchandise, advertisements, promotion, album covers, and Twitch overlays) these rights can be purchased for +120% the original commission total. For example if a commission total is $50 USD, the commercial total would be $110 USD.
  • Commercial work must be credited to me clearly and openly, unless otherwise discussed. Work can be credited as vampyrebug or Ken Eliezer and I must be tagged directly on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or Tumblr.
  • None of my work or projects I work on may be used in any blockchain technology, including but not limited to NFTs and cryptocurrency. Clients are prohibited to sell or redistribute the work or anything implied as representing the work in any way, via these technologies.
  • None of my work or projects I work on may be used for any AI related technology, including but not limited to AI databases or training. Client is prohibited from using any works, commissions or otherwise, for any AI technologies.

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