Allen finished her business degree early, and now works at a tech start up company based in Des Moines. His father passed away a little over a decade ago, when Allen was 13, and this passing caused his mother to suffer a drastic shift in lifestyle and personality. The two, and Allen's older brother Simon, sparsely talk these days. She has an apartment in Des Moines, but because most of her work is remote she spends most her time souch surfing at her friends' places in Cherryvale.

She is always getting into trouble, often far beyond her pay grade. Many of these situations seem to be completely outlandish tangents stemming from impossibly small decisions. Personality wise, she is rarely serious even in dire circumstances but has self assigned himself as the therapist friend of their group. They also have a notoriously foul sense of humor and vast knowledge of crude and sexual things.

For the last year, Allen has been missing. She very mysteriously disappeared after excusing herself from a party at Levi's apartment to take a business call from work. No one has heard from her since.


  • Favorite color is purple.
  • Favorite food is sushi (especially unagi!)
  • Favorite musicians are Radiohead, Madonna, and Depeche Mode.