Julie switched majors from mathematics to music theory a year into college, finding that a career in music would be much more emotionally fulfilling. Her parents divorced when she was still in grade school and this had a profoundly negative impact on her relationship with her twin brother, Xavier. The two often butt heands and used to blame one another for their parent's seperation.

She is a self proclaimed hippie, and cares deeply about the environment. This hippie attitude extends in other parts of her life too, like her strong political beliefs and drug use. She teaches piano and guitar lessons as her primary job, being extremely talented with both instruments. Her and Levi dated for several months in high school, and even went to senior prom together, but he ended the relatioship a short time after graduation. She shares an apartment with Jet, and the two are very close.

After Allen's disappearance, she has been extremely worried about how Levi is doing since Allen was last spotted at his apartment. She isn't sure how to approach him and this often leads to her pressuring their mutual friends into checking up on him, and it always yields poor results.


  • Favorite color is any pastel.
  • Favorite food is lobster bisque.
  • Favorite musicians are Tame Impala, Wampire, and Leftover Salmon.