Vel's family owns a large animal sanctuary right outside of their hometown, giving her a deep love for animals since early childhood. They opted to attend a trade school and become an electrician, in big part to help the sanctuary. They enjoy the job enough, and it helps pay for more tattoos. They are extremely close with both parents, even still living at home and calling their mom in any time of crisis.

They consider themselves the most responsible; having a stable and realistic job and being the only safe driver. She is also a vocal nihilist, often making decisions solely on the premise that life is meaningless, so why not? Their biggest character flaw is being extraordinarily gullible and trusting, as a result of having very honest and open parents.

Once Allen went missing and Levi cut himself off from the group, she finds herself spending the most time with Jet. The two, aside from Levi, are the only ones who both live and work in their hometown.


  • Favorite color is cool grey.
  • Favorite food is their mother's coffee cake.
  • Favorite musicians are Jhariah, Will Wood, and Mitski.
  • Despite being Pansexual, they wear a Bisexual pride bracelet because it was a gift from their mother.